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SEO is undoubtedly one of the WordPress plugins that you can not miss if you want your website to appear in the top of the search engine rankings. It is a plugin designed to enhance the SEO of your page in a simple and really effective way, making a series of small modifications with which you can make an important leap in quality. It is next to Yoast SEO one of the most indispensable SEO plugins to work in WordPress.



If you have a WordPress website, the All in One SEO plugin will be one of your best allies in order to enjoy a clean and perfectly optimized SEO On Page. It will allow you to make all kinds of modifications and configurations within your own WordPress that will directly influence the SEO On Payment of your site, saving you endless headaches.

Easy to install, you just have to find the plugin and install it directly in your CMS. Once installed you can start configuring it, and for this you must keep in mind that All in One is divided into two parts; the part of configurations of the plugin of NYC SEO and the one to edit the configuration of each post.

With One SEO you can do all this:

    Manage the sitemap of your page.
Integrate your website with Google Analytics
Configure the title, metakeywords and metadescription of any page.
Integrate other plugins with All in One SEP Pack.
Make it fully compatible with WooCommerce and virtually any online commerce plugin.
Increase the security of your WordPress.
Automatically generate meta tags.
Avoid duplicate content.

How to use SEO in One?

Although at the beginning the interface of the All in One plugin may seem a bit complicated, you will see how as soon as you get familiar with it you will get the most out of it.

Through the "general settings" tab you can configure everything related to the main functions it offers: Canonical URL, remove pagination in canonical URLs, activate canonicals in a personalized way, establish a protocol, use the original title, the market or record the most important incidents that have occurred.

In "SEO cover settings" is where we will manage the title, the metadescription of the cover and where we will configure the goals of any static page of our website. Although it will be in "title settings" where we will configure the titles of any post, file, category or tag.

The next block that appears in All in One is the “custom input type settings”, and here we will mark if we want the plugin configuration to affect all pages of the web. If we keep going down in NYC we find the “webmaster verification” block, where the tracking and verification codes for Google will be inserted.

There are two SEO other panels that deserve a separate mention: "Noindex Settings" and "Advanced Settings". In “Noindex Settings” you can configure in New York the noindex parameters of your website, by checking a series of boxes according to your needs, while in “Advanced Settings” you can configure a series of options such as self-generation of descriptions, execute codes short, do not shorten long descriptions, etc.
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In New York SEO, as in SEO, you will have a specific table to deal with the SEO On Page of your website, in fact, it is very similar to the one used in New York. It offers you the opportunity to also discuss aspects such as “nofollow” or “noindex”, add NOODP or NOYDIR attributes as well as have a preview of how our page will look in Google SERPs.

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